Urban Herd by Courtney Timmermans is Full of Depth and Texture

 - Jul 12, 2013
References: jeanalbanogallery & thisiscolossal
The Urban Herd art series is an incredible feat of vision, creativity and, of course, patience. It revolves around the art form of taxidermy. But instead of the traditional animal head and stuffing techniques, the Urban Herd series involves thousands of air rifle BBs. The heads of deer, lions, elephants and moose have been constructed out of these tiny metal balls. Considering some of the beasts involved, it's not surprising the real thing wasn't used.

Created by Courtney Timmermans, an artist born in Dayton, Ohio, and based in Chicago, Illinois, the Urban Herd series essentially takes taxidermy to a whole other level while exploring a medium not often used for art. The way the BBs add a pixelated texture to the sculptures is almost unnerving.

Urban Herd will be shown at the Jean Albano Gallery.