Second Yellow Safety Line for Wonderbra Customers

 - Apr 5, 2008   Updated: Mar 31 2011
References: www & advertolog
Wonderbra's clever print ad plays on the yellow safety line at above ground MRT stations. This yellow line tells people how far from the track they can stand and be safe. A second yellow line is used to show, that those who use Wonderbra's bust-enhancing apparel, need to stand back even farther. I wish I had that problem. 

Implications - Guerrilla marketing has become the new way to communicate non-traditional elements of advertising with a consumer. Not only is this Wonderbra ad genius, it also gets the customer to interact and have fun. This guerrilla advertisement is an example for other businesses, showing that they should strive to find new ways to attract the consumer by creating a connection that is more than sensory.