Sleek Design, Favorites, Comments, and More

 - Apr 12, 2008
References: TrendHunter
All Trend Hunter Portfolios have been upgraded with a fresh design and new functionality.  You can still customize your color, background, personal website, bio etc.  However, you can also add favorites and showcase your comments on your front page.

Here are some of the big changes:

- Favorites - Add or remove your favorite trends with a single click.

- Wider Design - Now matches the rest of Trend Hunter

- Cleaner Menu

- Cranked Up Front Page - Now includes recent comments, favorites, most popular posts and your latest trends

- New Gallery Mode - A hot way to showcase your discoveries

- New Comment Page - Your comments are now showcased next to the trends you are commenting on.


All portfolios still include the following:

- Custom Colors and Background

- Custom RSS Feeds

- Your Bio

- Links to Personal Sites

- YOUR add code

Here’s an example: