These Motorcycle-Inspired Items are Fashionable and Sustainable

 - Aug 1, 2016
References: looptworks
Fashion lovers everywhere might like the idea of Portland-based Looptworks' new 'Moto Collection,' which features upcycled leather bags, purses and wallets. The collection was born out of the company's collaboration with 'Langlitz Leathers' and photographer Lana MacNaughton; MacNaughton lent her knowledge and understanding of motorcycle culture, while Langlitz Leather provided leftover material and Looptworks manufactured the final products for consumers to purchase.

The company's whole structure is built on developing limited-edition products out of discarded materials -- a strategy that speaks to the "green" culture. When selecting purses, handbags or wallets, consumers may prefer Looptworks' upcycled leather Moto Collection because the items are fashionable and yet sustainable. It's a great selling point for the company that claims to have saved over 19 million gallons of water last year because of its eco-friendly practices.