This DIY Turns an Old Wooden Pallet into an Unusual Christmas Tree

 - Nov 25, 2013
This unusual Christmas tree is a clever way to reuse an old wooden pallet during the holiday season. This DIY is fairly simple and only requires some nails, some stain and white paint.

The pallet retains its original form, which means you don’t even need to cut it down to size at all. For this craft, Recyclart suggests the use of a little bit of wood stain, just to warm up the wood color if it looks a little raw. After staining, the Christmas tree can be painted onto the pallet. There’s plenty of room to get creative here with a crisp, modern silhouette or a wispy outline like in this tutorial.

When it’s dry, a few nails can be tapped into place to provide the perfect place to hang a few ornaments. This shabby chic Christmas decoration doubles as a great space-saver, since it can be wall-mounted and kept off of the floor or any other tabletop surfaces.