The Unraveling Calendar is an Agenda for Knitters

 - Aug 16, 2011
References: ahalife & ahalife
The Unraveling Calendar by Patrick Frey is a wearable design that also functions as an unravel-able calendar. This unconventional calendar is a whimsical visual design that shows the days passing by. The Unraveling Calendar has a giant thread that unfurls as the days pass.

The 2012 Unraveling Calendar by Patrick Frey doubles as a fashionable oblong made of ash grey cotton knit, so you can wear this scarf or hang it and use it as a calendar. Once the year is over and you have unraveled the whole scarf, you are left with a heap of soft thread. If you are someone that stresses about the passing days or deadlines, this calendar is perfect for you. \

Since the Unraveling Calendar does not let you look back on past dates, there is no room for regret. This thought-provoking and an eye-pleasing design would make great home decor and double as a fashionable scarf.