The University of Calgary, Qatar: Stitches Print Will Make You Squirm

Efforts to increase safe driving techniques within the world's vast population of speed demons can seem exhausting; however, certain ads such as the University of Calgary, Qatar: Stitches print are sure to catch a little attention. This ad presents a thin, single-lane, two-traffic road that is being stitched as if it is torn skin from one end and from the other end, an oncoming car speedily approaches.

The print instantly makes the viewer think the oncoming vehicle is about to cause a collision and further, rip the looming stitches to cover up more of the road. If more and more drivers continue to rip apart the road, there will eventually be no more safe road left to drive on. The print also makes the viewer feel for the roads as it personifies the pavement. The poster reads "Think before you put your foot down."