This DIY Uses an Old Instrument to Make a Unique Shelf for CDs

 - Mar 19, 2013
If you've ever found yourself with an old guitar that is ready for the garbage and a lack of spots to put your CDs, then this recycled guitar shelf is just what you need to help add a little character to any space.

The DIY involves essentially dismantling a guitar of all the music-making qualities from it including the strings and interior components. It's then intricately cut open and easily modified into an unexpected placed to hide CDs or anything else.

Upcycling old instruments is an eclectic way to breathe new life into the beaten up musical tools and help to give them an entirely new purpose. While this recycled guitar shelf might not be what you were thinking of doing with that dusty old guitar, it could just turn it into a work of art worth keeping for years to come.