Palestinian Wall Writings of Love

 - Jan 30, 2008
References: & dailycandy
Expressing your Valentine's message to your lover through graffiti might be old news, but what if you have this message sprayed on the Palestinian wall? lets you express your heartfelt love on the controversial wall that divides Palestine and Israel. By paying 30 Euros, a Palestinian sprays your message on the wall and then you will be emailed three digital pictures of his work.

It looks cheesy, but the writings on the wall do help keep the hope burning for the people trapped inside the Palestinian wall. The wall that tears families apart can now be the wall that brings seperated lovers back together. The Palestinians want to impart the message: "we are human beings, just like you, with sense of humour and lust for life."

The 30 Euros you pay will benefit the Palestinian NGOs. It will help fund their social, cultural and educational projects such as buying bicycles to fixing the roof.