This Unconventional Teapot Serves as a Reminder of Personal Reflection

 - Jul 4, 2017
References: jankochanski & jankochanski
Polish designer Jan Kochański crafted this unconventional teapot to serve as a reminder of the importance to reflect on the functionality of aspects of our lives, that we so often forget to access.

The aesthetically pleasing wooden handle that extends from the soft porcelain body doesn't stop this teapot from appearing odd at first glance. Unlike most teapots, this handle sticks out too far for an ergonomic hold, and is placed too close to the spout, forcing the user to twist their hand in an unnatural way in order to pour a cup of tea -- it functions, but it's difficult to use.

The imperfections of this product intend to remind the user to reflect on the other things in our lives that could use improving.