The Umbrella Sword Lets You Defend Your Honor and Stay Dry

 - Jan 8, 2014
References: fancy
Don't be caught off guard the next time you're challenged to a duel with your concealed umbrella sword.

Designed with the aesthetics of British spies from the 1960s and 70s in mind, the umbrella sword consists of a high quality European umbrella with a "fully functional 28.75-inch high carbon steel rapier blade" concealed within. This concealed self-defense umbrella is not just functional but stylish as well, ensuring you look like a proper gentleman whether you're trying to stay dry or you're dispatching foes.

While I agree that challenging someone to a duel in the middle of the pouring rain is the absolute height of gaucherie, it still doesn't mean you must be drenched when some uncivilized hooligan demands to see your swordsmanship, and show them you shall with your trusty umbrella sword.