This Ball Shaped Umbrella Hanger Ensures You Never Forget Your Umbrella Again

 - Oct 31, 2015
References: amazon & odditymall
Those who have never known the annoyance of leaving your umbrella behind are lucky, but it's clear that anyone who owns an umbrella needs this Ball Shaped Umbrella Hanger. Designed to slip onto the hand of your umbrella to make hanging it off a table or ledge a snap, the Ball Shaped Umbrella Hanger comes in a variety of different colors and works with almost any umbrella.

The non-slip design of the Ball Shaped Umbrella Hanger allow it to easily grip onto any surface without any clips or adherent. When it's time to head back out into the dreary weather, the Ball Shaped Umbrella Hanger allows you to simply grab your gear and go without fuss.