Ugmonk 4th Anniversary Packaging Has a Well-Rounded Natural Appeal

 - Feb 11, 2013
References: shop.ugmonk & lovelypackage
Generations ago, goods used to be wrapped up in materials and canisters that consumers would routinely use over and over again. Some products have retained this repurposable feature in the meantime, but it's otherwise quite recent for concepts like Ugmonk 4th Anniversary packaging to crop up.

Great care went into crafting the fine sheets of birch wood that make up the T-shirt holers. The flexible timber is furled into a cylinder and given a circular top and bottom. The container opens by unraveling a belt-like cord around a toggle and unrolling the curled panel. Jeff Sheldon's design for Ugmonk 4th Anniversary packaging is engraved with a crisp number 4 and branded with the item's name, yet one can see the charm of holding onto such a beautiful box and reusing it for other objects.