UberMOTO Adds Motorcycles to its Uber Services Lineup

 - Feb 25, 2016
References: newsroom.uber & hypebeast
Uber services has expanded since its initial launch in 2009 and now the taxi-esque company is adding a new line of assistance to its car sharing repertoire.

UberMOTO is the latest service provided by the Uber company. It is very similar to the regular car sharing service except this assistance takes place on a motorcycle. Said to be "specifically developed for cities in emerging markets," the pilot service will launch in Bangkok where the average daily commute takes approximately two hours due to the heavily populated streets. In Thailand, motorcycle taxis have become the increasingly popular way to bypass traffic and Uber plans to profit off its growing popularity.

This Uber service will start its charge at 10 TBH and will increase by 3.5 TBH per kilometer or 0.85 TBH every minute. Riders can pay for using either cash or credit.