The U-Boat Worx Will Let You Explore the Ocean Depths on the Cheap

 - Oct 13, 2011
References: mobilemag & gizmodo
While age-old hopes for jet-packs may have been left by the wayside, the torch of futuristic personal transportation has been taken up by the U-Boat Worx, a compact submarine available for lease.

For a cool $100,000, the company will transport their submersible barge from their engineering workshops in Norway anywhere in the world. They'll include everything: support staff, replacement parts and insurance! You'll be able to choose between the two-seater C-Explorer or its larger, three-person variant C-Quester. Both of these U-Boat Worx versions provide a clear 360, panoramic view through an acrylic hull and are capable of plunging almost 330 feet deep for a total of 8 hours at a time.

While the amenities are unquestionably brilliant, this is certainly the type of vacation luxury reserved for the truly well-off. So unless you happen to be Tim Cook, Apple's new CEO, you may have to look elsewhere for travel plans!