The Two of a Kind Series Immortalizes Icons With Wooden Figures

 - Aug 4, 2011
References: kolbisneat & comicsalliance
Artist Andrew Kolb's wooden cutout series entitled Two of a Kind takes famous pairs from popular culture and immortalizes them in these funny little sculptures. The artist realized that the people liked to see a pair of people -- one being somewhat rotund and short with someone more slender and taller. According to the artist via his website, "It's the making of entertainment gold!"

These funny wooden figures exist to express in the recurring trend of such a pair in comedy history and done in the medium of a vintage toy to attract collectors. Kolb's Two of a Kind collection includes famous duos like Legolas and Gimli, Wario and Walugi and even Barney and Betty Rubble. What remains to be seen is why such a physical pairing is so appealing to the masses.