The Twisted Bean Stalk Nursery Collection by Bean Shanine is Creepy

Babies are universally cute because of the need for them to be taken care of; unfortunately, the babies in the Twisted Bean Stalk Nursery collection will be left to fend for themselves. Incredibly life-like and disturbingly monstrous, they are (thankfully) dolls rather than real-life babies. As though Chucky went on a baby-making spree with vampires, demons and other unsavory mythical creatures, these babies are straight out of some people's worst nightmares.

Created by American artist Bean Shanine, the babies Twisted Bean Stalk Nursery collection are inspired by such creatures. Despite their supernatural roots and their creepy looks, her creations have been adopted all over the world. Considering that she has even imagined Avatar babies and Twilight babies in addition to non-pop culture dolls, that should not come as a surprise at all.