The Twist+ Inhaler Syncs with Your Handset for Strategic Health Management

 - Feb 22, 2014
References: & designspotter
The Twist+ Inhaler is more than just a puffer. This concept for a self-care clinical device facilities a holistic approach to managing asthma patients' respiratory health. The gadget integrates a sensor and the means to connect wirelessly with its user's smartphone so that important information can be recorded and communicated.

Taking the form of a small and portable cylinder when closed, the puffer can detect volatile organic compounds to alert you of poor air quality before you've even felt the effects. When it's required, rotate the top of the Twist+ Inhaler to activate it, allowing you to breathe in the powder inside. This innovative idea involves the automatic logging of atmospheric conditions and medication dosages in a mobile phone app. The collected data can be reviewed by the patient and his doctor to encourage and enable the proactive and tactical treatment of lung problems.