Olimpia Lira's 'Twin Houses' are Both Perfectly Even

 - Mar 28, 2018
References: archdaily
In building two rural homes for a pair of families who are close friends, architect Olimpia Lira opted to reflect their friendship visually, and Twin Houses are the results. The two homes are like film negatives of one another, changing minor design details and colors but staying in sync in many different aspects.

Both of the two homes that make up Twin Houses have virtually identical layouts that are somewhat unique when it comes to home design. Many houses are symmetrical along one plane, but these houses are quadrilaterally symmetrical — they have parallel layouts when bisected from any of the faces, not only from the front face.

The homes each have four rooms that compose the corners, and they collect around an open-concept living space that makes up the middle of the homes.

Image Credit: Tomás Rodríguez