TweetPsych Website Breaks Down Tweeting Tendancies

 - Jan 20, 2011
References: tweetpsych
As social media becomes more and more ingrained in our Internet-driven zeitgeist, Tweet-analyzing sites are popping up faster than Starbucks franchises.

Fortunately, TweetPsych is one such site that is actually interesting enough to be worth your time. The handy tool can be used to analyze any public Twitter profile and will subsequently show you how that user ranks against everyone else in terms of their Tweet content. Using TweetPsych, for example, you could find out how often your best friends Tweet negatively, or that Ashton Kutcher Tweets about sex only 68 percent more frequently than the average user (a downright reserved level of frequency considering how many Tweets his profile can lay claim to).

Needless to say, Twitter's millions of user programs, like TweetPysch, offer endless possibilities for informative investigation.