‘TV Drinking Games’ Tumblr Adds Action to Every Epis

 - May 31, 2012
References: tvdrinkingames.tumblr
If you find that your favorite shows are taking a turn for the worst and you simply need a little more action to fill the lull, why not consult the ‘TV Drinking Game’ Tumblr for ideas? Depending on how long it takes you to clock out, you’ll either end up liking the show a lot of more, or a whole lot less.

Drinking is often considered a social event (I don’t know anybody that drinks vodka for the taste), and made-up games are novel and versatile ways to amp up any party. Featuring a mix of new and older shows like Girls, New Girl, Desperate Housewives of Beverly Hills and Jeopardy, this blog instructs you through a guided viewing experience. With clear instructions of when and upon what phrase or action you must down a swig of an alcohol of your choice, you will be grateful for the commercial break.

This blog is a hilarious way to let loose from the comfort of your own couch!