The 'TabletTV' Broadcast TV Antenna Brings Live TV to Tablets

 - Dec 15, 2015
References: amazon & coolthings
For many consumers, cable television has gone the way of the landline as being something they can easily do without, so the 'TabletTV' Broadcast TV Antenna is designed to make the transition away from cable a little easier. Working like a traditional antenna with a twist, the 'TabletTV' Broadcast TV Antenna is capable of receiving signals and broadcasting them to a tablet.

Also featuring DVR capabilities, the 'TabletTV' Broadcast TV Antenna can record shows and allow for watching later on. The 'TabletTV' Broadcast TV Antenna is WiFi-enables and capable of streaming content to multiple devices, which means multiple users can watch content without the need for multiple streaming devices.

The 'TabletTV' Broadcast TV Antenna features 8GB of internal storage, but can be upgraded via the microSD slot.