This Turbotax Super Bowl Commercial Stars a Broken Humpty Dumpty

 - Jan 27, 2017
References: youtube & adweek
This year's 45-second TurboTax Super Bowl commercial will be part of a new campaign from the company called 'Relax There's TurboTax.' As the brand humorously describes, 'Humpty Fall' is a "Humpty Dumpty commercial that highlights the dangers for eggs sitting on walls who get distracted by their mobile phones."

The commercial follows the classic children's rhyme to a tee, opening with a group of soldiers rushing to Humpty Dumpty's aid, yet being unsuccessful at putting him back together again. Rather than making a spectacle of his injuries, even though they are enough to land him in the hospital, the ad focuses on what caused the egg to crack in the first placeā€”he was doing his taxes from his mobile phone while sitting on a wall.

Breaking news reports emerge of "TurboTaxing on a wall," with reporters questioning "Why was he doing his taxes on a wall?" Quite simply, the accident-prone Humpty Dumpty responds: "Because you can."