Tumbleweed by H2O Architectes is a Sculptural Plant-Staging Espalier

 - Sep 6, 2012
References: h2oarchitectes & notcot.org
Named after a dead and dried up shrub, Tumbleweed by h2o Architectes is actually a beautifully crafted and remarkably supportive framework for young and thriving plants. It's an atypical trellis that does not need to be installed against a wall, but can be constructed as a freestanding sculpture against which burgeoning climbers can ascend.

Despite its seemingly organic form, the artistic arbor is assembled through a methodical modular system that begins with flat ornamental units that are slotted together by eyelets. They create voluminous tetrahedrons that encompass space behind their exquisite hatched faces and they can be arranged into elaborate structures based on the owner's imagination. Tumbleweed by h2o Architectes is a fancy and flexible skeleton for displaying indoor and outdoor vegetation but it can equally be exhibited bare to flaunt its own ornate appearance.