Tube City is a Self-Sustained Water Treatment Plant Designed for Delhi

 - Aug 5, 2011
References: architizer & ecofriend
Designer Abhinay Sharma has created an ambitious structure designed to purify the Yamuna River in Delhi, India. Tube City is the name of the project, which Abhinay envisions running the length of the Yamuna River and providing everything from homes to farmland.

Tube City would be a multilevel structure whose purpose would change according to what portion of the river it is over. At the southern point of the river in South Delhi, the Tube City would be used primarily for farming. Further north and towards the city center, the Tube City switches from farmland and becomes more open and inviting with parks and residential areas. As you get closer into the city, the parks and homes are replaced by offices and shops to more accurately match the pulse of downtown Delhi.

Water purification and treatment would be installed throughout the length of the city leaving no stretch of river unfiltered. The entire city would have photovoltaic panels mounted on it to ensure that a majority of the city’s energy needs were met through eco-friendly means.