Tryane II

 - Mar 13, 2007
References: dethroner
The Tryane II car is the creation of Mr. Friend Wood who spent almost 2,000 hours of work on it. The car weighs 900 pounds (408 kg) is capable of hitting a top speed of 100mph (160 km/h).

"I measured the 2CV components before making some 1/5th scale drawings of the proposed car. I then carved a similar scale body model to check the drawings. Once satisfied I drew out the lines full size on two sheets of hardboard. From these lines I constructed a male mould made from chipboard formers and softwood laths to the shape of the body shell. On to this mould I stapled and glued three layers of l.5mm mahogany veneers, This process took over 600 hours and 20,000 staples, all of which were pulled out when the glue was dry."