'Truly Design' Creates an Anamorphic Medusa on Concrete Columns

 - Jul 22, 2011
References: pixelharvester & zeutch
Truly Design took their graphic art skills to make this realistic garage portrait. They call their work 'Medusa, Anamorph' and its image projection at its greatest. I'm not sure what the exact process is when creating these 3D paintings, but the end result is stunning.The iconic image of Medusa is often frightening, and Truly Design's interpretation doesn't fail to fright. The image almost seems to have a sort of movement, it seems as if it's coming towards the viewer.

Perspective is very important when looking at an art piece such as this one, but this only makes the art that much more special. If you look at it from different angles you'll only see jumbled lines and a scrambled image. So when you see the image of Medusa by Truly Design, it's almost as if you decoded a secret message.