These Abstract Art Works by Trudy Benson Evoke a Tactile Quality

 - May 21, 2013
References: hortongallery & lanciatrendvisions
Abstracted shapes and seemingly scribbled line work graces the canvases of these striking portraits by artist Trudy Benson. The Richmond, VA native experiments with layered elements and clashing color tones that are combined together to create a three-dimensional aesthetic and a tactile visual quality.

The artist explores the 'connection between painting, abstract art and digital technology' and brings her findings to life through her eye-catching painted works. Inspired by the visual quality of plasma, LEDs, liquid crystals and pixels, the artist creates her vivid art pieces with the use of acrylics, sprays and oil paint mediums.

These texture filled paintings by artist Trudy Benson explore unconventional spatial frontiers and play with human perception. Evoking a sense of movement and the illusion of the third dimension, these portraits display the painter's signature aesthetic of over-the-top abstraction.