'Tropik Works' is the First Fully Off-Grid Home in Costa Rica

 - Apr 14, 2017
References: archdaily
Costa Rica is a small country, but it's nonetheless made a name for itself thanks in large part to its incredible degree of national sustainable energy use, and Tropik Works is a home that's surely inspired by that reputation. The home is the first fully off-grid residence in Costa Rica, relying on a combination of solar energy and crossed ventilation in order to reduce its energy consumption solely to what it can supply for itself.

Costa Rica is truly an amazing nation. After a military coup during which the generals of the nation toppled a corrupt government, those leaders decided to permanently ban their nation from funding or organizing a military, opting to spend those resources instead on education. With such a revolutionary idea in their past, the Costa Rican populace today remains forward thinking, with energy efficiency at the top of their list.