Selgas Cano Architecture's Subterranean Work Space

 - May 8, 2009   Updated: May 16 2011
References: archdaily
Whoa. If you aren't just blow away by these offices, then you are just nuts. Speaking of nuts, imagine the squirrels running around the forest when they happen upon this office space for Selgas Cano Architecture. This is just cool work space defined.

I want to work there, erm, I want to sit in this office and hunt trends all day.

Implications - It's tough to work in the city sometimes due to its overwhelming, hectic feel. Architects are looking to the great outdoors to provide people with a comforting, natural environment that they can enjoy without the stressful noises of traffic and angry commuters. By providing a getaway space that's engulfed with mother nature, companies ease the stress of the city and improve productivity.