From Cruella De Vil-esque Flooring to Colorful Checkered Keyboards

 - Nov 21, 2012
Checkered decor is a style with many applications. While the geometric nature of the style can sometimes be a limitation, it can also provide needed visual symmetry to a room or building. Alternatively, the strict lines of checkered decor is often balanced by the use of vibrant color combinations.

We see examples of checkered decor making its way onto floor tiling in stark, black and white patterns. This kind of decor screams "Cruella De Vil" and is not recommended for modest homes, but totally suitable for art-driven, modern spaces where extreme is in.

Checkered patterns also make their way onto the outside of buildings and add new dimensions to otherwise flat looking, stagnant structures. Even simple checkered decor ideas like napkins, wash clothes or keyboards add variety.