Trike Drifting is Like Mario Kart in Real Life

When it comes to extreme sports, none look more fun than Trike Drifting. This downhill sport involves adding some more sustainable wheels to a tricycle then racing down a hill at a high speeds.

To get themselves going, the guys on the tricycles hold on to a rope that is attached to a van in front of them. The van begins driving and tugs them along, giving them some starting momentum. Once they have picked up speed, it's off to the races for these daredevils. The tricycles actually go incredibly fast and are quite able to drift around corners. Trike Drifting is a little terrifying to watch because the guys on tricycles are just inches off the ground and without helmets (one guy even partakes without shoes).

Trike Drifting could definitely take off and become an event at the X-Games.