Schnelle Engineering's Cerberus MultiTool is a Small and Mighty Multitool

In a daily emergency situation, a small tool in your pocket is worth more than a well-stocked toolbox sitting at home. The Cerberus MultiTool, Schnelle Engineering’s newest pocket tool, takes that concept to a whole new level, packing an incredible twelve functions into the palm of your hand!

The creative minds behind the Cerberus are Chris and Sarah Schnelle, a pair of sibling mechanical engineers from Ohio. Their industry experience has helped them design this ingenious multitool that not only offers screwdrivers, wrenches, and other assorted tools, but blends them into an eye-catching shape built on the geometric stability of a triangle.

Developed with computer-aided design and tested with a finite element analysis program, the three-pronged Cerberus tool is one of the most advanced pocket tools available today. It’s also undergone exhaustive lab testing, proving its strength and durability in various torque tests and load tests at Schnelle Engineering. Two other features also set this tool apart from the competition: aerospace-grade materials and precision machining. The tool is manufactured from high-strength steel or titanium alloy plate, and the 3D tool features are precision-milled. The end result is a multitool that will last a lifetime.

The American-made Cerberus tool offers users a solid grip free from sharp edges, making this tool safe for pocket carry and fully FAA-compliant. Check it out today, available for pre-order on Kickstarter.