'Tri Dog' is an Athletic Bonding Experience for Pets and Owners

 - Nov 22, 2016
References: facebook & triradar
'Tri Dogs' is a fun triathlon for pets and owners that's based in the UK. The event is split into three different activities, in which participants run, bike and swim with their dogs. In order to prevent canines from overheating, Tri Dogs considered the time of year when planning its events -- ensuring that the activities are well-balanced to suit their needs.

For the first part, a cross-country race in completed, which requires the owner to have their dog harnessed to their waist with a bungee lead. After this, they 'bikejor,' which is the term Tri Dogs uses for cycling with a pet. Supposedly, it was inspired by sled dog sports and some teams have managed to reach speeds over 30 mph during this component. Lastly, owners must swim beside their dogs or be pulled along with them. In addition to being a great interactive activity for athletic pet owners, Tri Dogs connects other like-minded teams and keeps the safety and enjoyment of the dogs at its focus.