Tri-Container Packaging is Embodies Portability and Recyclability

The life of a package rarely lasts the life of the product, so often the best that a designer can do is make the use of the wrapping material more worthwhile. This Tri-Container packaging concept succeeds to accomplish what few boxes do: adapt in size according to the diminishing volume of its contents.

This ability is particularly useful, since consumers occasionally end up transferring their goods into smaller disposable receptacles. Demonstrated as an ideal canister for the fictional product of Alpha Dog Food, this vessel can gradually shrink down for a more compact shape to free up space in your cupboard.

The life cycle of Directions Marketing's concept is therefore longer, but the crimped plastic form of Tri-Container packaging is also recyclable. To further indulge eco-friendly criteria, its triangular base is optimized for close-packed transportation and consequent reduced fuel and labor costs.