The 'T-Rex Trying' Book Will Make You Appreciate Your Arms

Pity the poor T-Rex, he just has so many problems doing his usual household chores, as evidenced by the new 'T-Rex Trying' book: The Unfortunate Trials of The Tyrant Lizard King.

Based on Hugh Murphy's Tumblr blog, the T-Rex Trying book will have you crying tears of laughter, while also pitying the poor T-Rex and his clumsy appendages. Seriously, have you ever tried to paint your house, hike a football, chest bump a buddy, trim your nose hair, turn off a ceiling fan, shelve a book or play the bongos with stubby little T-Rex arms? It's nearly impossible, as the poor T-Rex proves over and over again. The book features more than 100 drawings of T-Rex trying to live a normal life.

Silly T-Rex, drive-through ATMs are for human beings!