More Marketing, Life-Stages, Celebrity and Social Trends

 - May 28, 2008
References: trendhunter
Trend Hunter added a couple dozen more sub-categories, making it easier to deep-dive into your favorite topic areas. In particular, we have added more granularity around marketing, life-stages, social trends (political, religious, activism) and celebrities. We've also pre-populated theses new categories with thousands of new trends. For a full tag cloud, click on the +/- beside the categories on any major section of the site (e.g.

Trend Hunters will be happy to know that we've also removed inactive categories and shifted things around to make the submissions more intuitive.

Within the next week or so, we'll be unveiling Killer Search which will incorporate tags, related searching and a even more tools that make it easier to find trends in your area of interest. Contact us with any of your ideas.

Below is the new list, with the new categories in bold:

Business Trends
-- Books
-- Market Trends
-- New Ventures and Start Ups
-- Retail Trends
-- Interviews

Marketing Strategy
-- Billboards and Out of Home
-- Branding
-- Commercials and Videos
-- Interactive Ads and Digital Media
-- Print Ads
-- Publicity Stunts

Environmental Trends

Technology Trends and Gadgets
-- Mobile Phones
-- Computers and Laptops
-- Video Games and Consoles
-- Cool Gadgets and Gifts
-- Robots
-- Digital Cameras and Photography
-- Audio, Portable Music and Home Theater

Auto and Motor Trends

Life Stages
-- Baby Trends
-- Trends for Boomers
-- Youth Trends
-- Trends for Seniors

-- Toys and Stuff For Kids

Celebrity News
-- Celebrity Fashion

-- Celebrity Products

Luxury Trends
-- Luxury Fashion
-- Ultra Luxury

Pop Culture, People and Internet Trends
-- Cool Websites and Internet Culture
-- Icons and Leaders
-- Music Movies and Media
-- Viral Humor and Comedy
-- Viral Videos

Modern Art and Design Trends
-- Architecture
-- Customization
-- Design Trends
-- DIY
-- Furniture Design
-- Graffiti and Counter Culture Art
-- Home Trends
-- Modern Art
-- Kitchen Gadgets
-- Live Arts

Style and Fashion Trends
-- Cosmetics and Beauty Trends
-- Fashion for Men
-- Hair Trends
-- Hip Fashion Trends
-- Watches
-- Jewelry and Accessories
-- Shoe Trends
-- Underwear and Swimwear

Naughty Trends

Lifestyle, Hobbies, Food and Sports
-- Health and Fitness Trends
-- Alcohol, Beer and Wine Trends
-- Food Trends
-- Lifestyle Trends
-- Pet Supplies and Trends for Animals
-- Romance and Dating
-- Sports and Sports Equipment
-- Wedding Trends

Science and Discovery

Global Trends and Hip Travel
-- Bizarre Global Trends
-- Hip Hotels and Reviews
-- News and World Events
-- Regional Trends
-- Travel Hot Spots

Unique and Bizarre
-- Bizarre
-- Pranks and Hoaxes
-- Unique Inventions

Social Trends
-- Activism and Awareness
-- Charity Trends
-- Education Trends
-- Political Trends
-- Religious Trends

Once again, you can access the menu by clicking the +/- by the menu on any major section. Enjoy!