The Future of Bike Training is the Trek Light Cycle Bike

 - Aug 23, 2011
References: wired & gizmodo
Imagined by industrial designer Ryan Callahan and his colleagues at the Trek Bicycle Corporation, the Trek Light Cycle Bike is meant to be the modern analog to the tricycle, and boy, does it look cooler!

Instead of forcing young children to strain their developing motor skills, the Trek Light Cycle Bike is designed with a low frame, allowing kids to perfect their balancing skills before tackling the challenge of movement. In place of pedals and a jarring gear system, the Trek bicycle's lightweight frame is meant to be pushed by the rider.

The Tron-inspired scooter was drawn up on the design software CAD, fabricated by a 3D printer and rushed to the Trek Trade Show, where it was revealed to an intrigued audience. It's still clearly a concept model, although Callahan hopes children will be riding their own Trek Light Cycles by next year.