Treat Factory Popping Candy Comes in Wasabi, Beer, and Bacon Flavors

 - Dec 21, 2016
References: thinkgeek
Popping candies, like 'Pop Rocks,' offer one of the most bizarre and oddly addicting sensations in the world of candy, and Treat Factory Popping Candy takes that sensation past mouthfeel to include taste as well. The company's gourmet popping candy comes in spicy, savory, and bitter flavors that one wouldn't expect from a treat.

Treat Factory Popping Candy comes in three flavors: bacon, wasabi, and beer. These flavors are artificial; there is no bacon in the bacon-flavored candy and there is no alcohol in the beer-flavored candy.

On top of those weird candy flavors, the candy also offers the pop that its name indicates. That sensation is created through trapping bubbles of carbon dioxide within the flavored candy coating.