Travel John For Peemergencies

 - Aug 27, 2007
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Don't you just hate how an urge to tinkle always seems to kick in when you're on the road? The Travel John disposable urinal is the unisex solution for your bladder woes. Not that guys really need one -- any bush will do for them -- but for the ladies, this could really come in handy! Though guys would argue we could just as easily pop a squat when the really gotta go, all (sober) women will agree that it's just not that simple -- first, we have to make sure no one's looking, then we have to figure out the optimal position to prevent sprayage, and then we have to find some TP.

The Travel John might just be the best addition to your purse -- always be peepared!

For kids, there's the TravelJohn Jr. Think of the time and stress you'll save in disgusting public restrooms, when your kid is overwhelmed by motion sickness, when your potty training little one is in the car, a savior for children with disabilities, on long road trips in the car or other outings.

Here are a few testimonials:

"I am an avid camper and absolutely live by your products!!!!! I am 50 and after 3 kids, the TravelJohn has made it possible for me to run away to the woods to escape. I used to almost dehydrate so that I wouldn't have to squat, but your product has made that a thing of the past!"

"My wife and I drive team in a tractor/trailer throughout the US and Canada. Your product has been a lifesaver a few times when we get stuck in metro rush hour traffic, or it's miles to the nearest rest area or truck stop. Thank you for developing the Travel John. It is long overdue and greatly appreciated."

"I just came back from a 2 week adventure in Mongolia. The #1 Travel-John saved me (+ 3 friends). Picture, if you will, us in a nomadic tent with 200-300 goats + sheep between us and our "toilet". (A hole in the ground). It is the middle of the night and the temperature is about 35 degree( its 36 degree in the tent!) Out comes #1 Travel-John to the rescue!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. For such an easy-to-use, clean GREAT product."

Wish I'd had one in China: