Enjoy a Fresh & Clean Feeling Wherever You Go With the Travel Bidet

 - Oct 2, 2009   Updated: Aug 11 2011
References: random-good-stuff
When there's no access to a projectile water fountain meant for your body parts and not your mouth, the Travel Bidet is there for you.

If a clean body is a happy body, then the Travel Bidet will ensure your body is overjoyed. According to Random Good Stuff, this pocket-sized spray cleanser, which comes with its own handy travel pouch “provides a refreshing, pulsating spray of water just where and when you need it.”

Implications - Due to globalization making most parts of the world accessible, many consumers no longer settle down in one living area. Corporations are reflecting this social mentality by making their products highly portable in order to entice nomadic consumers into buying their wares.