Transit Shelter Design by Kuo-Yu Chang Makes You Light on Your Street

 - Nov 4, 2011
Any regular bus rider can vouch for the value of a roadside refuge and with this Transit Shelter design by Kuo-Yu Chang, who could complain about their presence? Some of the old boxy bus shelters can be eyesores along the streetscape, though seldom do contemporary models even compare to the elegance of this concept.

The designer began by experimenting with lofty sail-like forms that, once lifted into the air, assume a beautiful lightness. The delicate and sinuous shapes seem to mimic the wings of birds, together becoming a unique work of art with a practical application.

Three waving white canopies of translucent polyethylene serve as effective shields from the wind, rain and direct sunlight. The billowing forms of this Transit Shelter design by Kuo-Yu Chang are secured down in the breeze by a slim framework of concrete-filled steel rods.