Tokyo Rail Partners With Mitsubishi to Provide TrainNet

Although it'll be some time until Tokyo subway routes sport complete WiFi functionality, TrainNet is a sneak preview into the future connectivity of subterranean railways.

The modern Japanese salaryman not only prefers, but demands Internet ubiquity -- whether he's relaxing at home, boarding an intercontinental plane or commuting to work, WiFi spots should be accessible. Thanks to new plans hatched by Tokyo Rail and Mitsubishi, that tall order is becoming a reality. Known collectively as TrainNet, a new Internet system was launched today throughout the city's subway system and will continue its testing phase until November 2nd. However, there are a handful of caveats: first of all, only one, specially-tailored website is accessible via TrainNet. The site features entertainment modules, news reports and will even notify you which subway car is the quietest or coolest via realtime sensors. Moreover, the website provides location-based services and will recommend nearby stores or attractions based on your usual travel route!