The Volkswagen Terram Tractor Vehicle Concept Merges Design Aesthetics

 - Feb 19, 2016
References: & yankodesign
While many consumers would likely not need a tractor vehicle for everyday driving, the Volkswagen Terram is designed to make going from city, to country an easier endeavor.

Designed by João Paulo Caetano Moreira, the Volkswagen Terram concept vehicle is intended to be an SUV with tractor capabilities to boot. Able to go easily between different landscapes without missing a beat, the Volkswagen Terram is a cut above what we could imagine for the near future.

The Volkswagen Terram tractor vehicle was created by the designer during an internship at Volkswagen in Brazil as a vehicle for the year 2025 to navigate the varying landscapes of the country. The final result is a vehicle that could revolutionize how modern consumers navigate less developed areas of their countries.