The Toyota Safety Sense Commercial Features a Talking Dummy

 - May 15, 2017
References: & adweek
The Toyota Safety Sense commercial advertises the car company's safety features using an anthropomorphic crash test dummy that has been forced to find a "thrill" somewhere else.

For years, car ads have shown crash test dummies that are left relatively unscathed in the planned collision of whichever car is being featured in the commercial. The Toyota Safety Sense commercial takes this concept one step further, implying that the brand's safety features are so superior that the anthropomorphic dummy in the ad is out of work, and desperately seeking a new thrill. Between skydiving, strapping himself to a football blocking sled and bull-fighting, the crash test dummy is seeking the same rush that hitting a wall in a car might bring him.

The Toyota Safety sense commercial effectively turns a commonly used car-marketing trope on its head.