The 'Utopia' Manages to Cram Comfortable Living Into a Six-Meter Dwelling

The French tiny house experts from Baluchon introduced their latest and greatest towable tiny home, the Utopia, which manages to offer a comfortable full-time living space to a young couple despite an exceptionally compact design measuring in at only six meters in length.

The Utopia, which is situated in the Paris area, includes a living area, 2.7-meter tall window and a dining table for two, while if you go further back, you can access the kitchen. The kitchen has a refrigerator, freezer, sink and gas water heater, but no oven, so a small two-burner stove is used to cook food. The dwelling also lacks a laundry facility.

Powered by a typical recreational vehicle electric hookup, this towable tiny home features a cedar sheathing and a warm spruce paneling that gives the home a cozy appearance both internally and externally. Although compact and basic in some of its amenities, this towable tiny home exemplifies the new tiny dwelling market for young people who are willing to make do with less to save money and enjoy a unique living experience.