Toys With Attitude

 - Nov 28, 2008
References: paranoiadoll & linkinn
These porcelain dolls are nothing like the dolls I grew up with. Heck, some of these dolls look like they can kick my ass or shoot me, like the apathetic-looking first doll in the gallery pointing a gun to her own head!

These dolls run the gamut from the wide-eyed innocent princess to the tough-looking, pale skinned Gothic rebel with a cigarette hanging from her mouth and a vapid, indifferent look in her face.

However, it appears to me that the great majority of these porcelain dolls were made to convey a sense of apathy, sadness and of dystopic indifference.

Maybe I’m reading too much into these dolls, but I would not give any child of mine such mean-looking "toys" to play with.