Toru Horiguchi Creates a Glass with Careful Craftsmanship

 - Aug 29, 2014
References: japan-suite & designboom
Toru Horiguchi is an artist who strives to uphold a strong sense of craftsmanship, which is exactly what he has done with his latest design. The cup is influenced by a type of design done in Japan over 200 years ago, and Horiguchi is keeping this tradition strong with his latest designs.

The cups are mostly made from a black material, combined with the transparent nature of the glass. While people can of course drink from the contraption, it's more or less meant to also be a piece of artwork. People can use the design as a display item in a cabinet, or if they are very careful as part of an intricate table setting (as long as guests are careful when drinking of course)! Photo Credits: designboom, japan-suite