Toronto Fashion Boutiques Like Elle Hardware are All About Quality

 - Jun 12, 2013
Toronto fashion boutiques like Elle Hardware are showing consumers that custom designed, quality products should be the new standard for even an average shopping experience.

For some time, buying handmade, customized jewelry and underwear was something that many women scoured the Internet for hours in order to do. Even if you could get your hands on a custom piece of jewelry or undergarment, it would be impossible to know if it fit your dimensions until you received it in the mail many weeks later.

The great thing about Toronto fashion boutiques like Elle Hardware is that they're allowing conscious consumers to get up close and personal with their custom-made finds. Trend Hunter got the chance to chat with Elle Hardware's owner Lindsay MacMillan, Erin Tracy of Erin Tracy Designs and Dear Frankie creator and designer Allicia Martin about their strive for quality and custom-made products.