Find Your Place in the Publication World by Working for Trend Hunter

 - Dec 9, 2011
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Let's be honest here, aside from degrees and diplomas, a lot of employers these days are looking for some cold, hard experience from their applicants, especially in the field of Journalism. So why not pick up some covetable credentials by working one of Trend Hunter's unique Toronto Editorial Internships?

Once you become a part of the Trend Hunter Academy you will embark on an exciting 4-month journey to journalism stardom. By building a professional and presentable portfolio on the site, you will ensure your work will be read by millions and even frequently cited by popular media sources. Between hunting trends, you'll be tweeting and using various other forms of social media to help skyrocket the amount of views to your articles and before you know it, you'll be a published pro.

Take one part wicked writing skill, mix in one part cool social experience and finish it off with a serious certification in the end. It looks like the Toronto Editorial Internships at Trend Hunter may just be the secret recipe for sweet success!